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The bicycle is an important means of transportation in The Netherlands. We have a good public transportation system with an efficient railway network.


In Holland cycling is part of daily life. The Dutch use their bicycles as means of transportation rather than just a recreational sport. The bike is used for shopping, going to the gym or going to University or to see your friends.
The bicycle is without any doubt the most practical to get around Utrecht’s busy city centre. We recommended that you buy a used bicycle that does not look too new or expensive, as bicycle theft is rather common. Buying a very good lock (or two) is a must.

Bicycles may be rented at most railway stations. At secured bicycle-shelters, bicycles can be parked safely and cheaply. There are several in town, lists all locations, with maps (in Dutch: 'bewaakte stallingen').


The OV-bicycle is a system run by the Dutch railway (NS). It is a system of bicyles available at all stations in the Netherlands. You can rent a bicycle at any station for a fixed amount per day. You do this with your OV-chipcard. Read more.

Bus & Tram

You travel on buses, trams and subways in the Netherlands with an OV-chipcard. This is a card the size of a bankcard which you load with a credit in euros and you can then use for travel on train, bus or tram anywhere within the Netherlands. It works via a check-in/check-out system. You can choose from a personalised OV-chipcard or an anonymous one. Read more about purchase and use of the OV-chipcard.

in Utrecht

Both city and regional buses depart from and arrive at the central bus station just outside Utrecht Central Station. The north side of the bus station is for the blue-and-white city buses. The south side of the bus station is for the regional buses, which are yellow or green. There are maps with route information. It is best to ask at the information centre.

There is one tram-route in Utrecht, with a frequent service between the Central Station and Nieuwegein and IJsselstein to the south-east of Utrecht.


The train in the Netherlands fast and easy and generally quite punctual. Many students travel by train. You can use your OV-chipcard or purchase a ticket at the stations from yellow ticket machines. You can pay with cash or an ATM bank card. You will find ticket windows only at major stations and will pay a service fee for purchasing the ticket there. Buy a ticket before boarding the train.

For fare information and train schedules: 0900-9292 and

Most Dutch students receive a public transportation pass as part of their student financing.

Buying a bike

It is possible to buy a reliable recycled/ second-hand bicycle at Fietspunt Utrecht. They even offer a two month guarantee for bikes as of € 60,- Fietspunt will also do repairs and maintenance, generally within 24 hours.

Address Fietspunt

Koningin Wilhelminalaan 2A, Utrecht

phone 030 - 2804121

Open on:

Tue to Sat.: 9.00 - 17.30 hours

Another good location for bikes in the area is

Bicycle shops

Alternatively you can buy a (second-hand) bike at a bicycle shop. Their prices will generally be higher. Here is an overview of all bicycle shops in Utrecht.

General information for all public transport is available at telephonenumber 0900-9292 or (select the English language in the upper right corner of the page).