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There is always a lot going on in Utrecht. Besides a multitude of pubs and restaurants, Utrecht has various museums, a city theatre (Stadschouwburg), several cinemas and smaller theatres. Foreign films are usually shown in their original language with Dutch subtitles.

What's on

A good source of information on what there is to do culturally in Utrecht is the (Dutch) website

Eating & drinking

Utrecht has a wide variety of pubs (usually referred to as a café or kroeg) and restaurants. Ask your fellow students about the most popular venues. Note that a particular kind of coffeeshop is more dedicated to the sale and consumption of hashish and marijuana than coffee!


Pubs are usually open until 1 or 2 a.m., on Thursday to Saturday until 3 or 4 a.m.. Alcohol is served as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks. Often small snacks are available.


In Utrecht’s large diversity of restaurants, you can have a simple and cheap meal or enjoy a more expensive cuisine. or offer reviews and adresses.

I know a great little place

The Facebook page of 'I know this great little place in Utrecht' will show you the best kept secret spots in the city of Utrecht. A collection of thoughts on the best in Utrecht's unexpected or special little venues and activities.


Parnassos is the cultural center of Utrecht University. They offer courses and workshops in visual arts, dance, film, photography, music and theater.

Parnassos also has rehearsal rooms of various sizes. These are designed for music, theater and dance. Each room has a music system and a tuned (grand) piano.

HKU students can make use of all Parnassos facilities, at a reduced rate (rate 1). When registering, let them know you are a student at HKU and bring your student ID card.

For more about workshops, courses and other possibilities,

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

You can purchase an ISIC for € 12. This will give you various discounts and other benefits, such as reductions on travel arrangements, youth hostels, museums, cultural events and entertainment. It also provides emergency help line services including legal and medical assistance and access to a world wide telecommunications package.

The card is issued in more than 100 countries. You can find more information on