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Flashback 2019 - 2020

By Jeroen Koster a.i.

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Raise a topic

If you want to raise a particular topic, just inform a CMR member (preferably two weeks before a CMR meeting). The meeting dates are listed in the calendar.

Who is in the CMR?

On de page CMR members you will find photos and contact details of all the CMR members.

Agenda's en Notulen

The agendas and minutes  of the CMR meetings are available online in Dutch. Log in with your HKU e-mail address and password.

The central council of representatives (CMR) is the way for students and employees to join policy discussions and decisions at HKU.

What does the CMR do?

The CMR represents students and staff from all over HKU. At CMR meetings, members discuss HKU-wide topics, ranging from housing and the budget to the evaluation of HKU courses.

CMR members 2019-2020

Student members Staff members
HKU Design Marijn Wellner Kiko Luijten
HKU Beeldende Kunst Isa van Dijk -
HKU Media vacature -
HKU Theater en Masteropleiding Kunsteducatie Elise Modderkolk Caroline Dokter
HKU Utrechts Conservatorium Axel Blom en Massimo Beckers Jeroen Koster
HKU Muziek en Technologie Leander van Geffen Arjen de Vreede
HKU Games en Interactie Josien Vos Niels Keetels
HKU Kunst en Economie Safiya Lall Mohamed en Sophie de Jong Tjaard Horlings
HKU College Brenda de Groot
Support services, expertise centra and lectorates none Sander Bakker (loc. IBB), Ernst Roza (loc. Hilversum, Oudenoord), Jo Derkx (locatie IBB))
Extra zetel studenten Tessa van Genderen 0
Locatie IBB/Pastoe fabriek nvt Niels Kerkkamp
Locatie Centrum nvt Marcel Schaap
Centra en Lectoraten nvt Marlies Dorigo
Backoffice nvt Anouk Masson
Backoffice nvt Nina van Lavieren
Backoffice nvt vacature
TOTAAL 12 12

Working method

The CMR working method has been set up in order to ensure that the representative body provides scope for the interests and cultures of the various schools and the supporting organisation.

1. Each member of the CMR has a deputy, with the exception of the schools for which there are already two student members.

2. The school directors have the job of meeting regularly with their CMR members.

3. The school director provides an introduction for the course committee, class representatives and CMR at their location.

4. Directors are responsible for encouraging staff and students to put themselves forward as CMR candidates.

This working method will be evaluated by the CMR and the directors in the spring of 2016.

Time investment CMR members

Participation in the CMR will cost you about 3 hours per week. Vice-chairmanship will cost about 8 hours per week. The CMR meets about 15 times per year (2½ hours). Meetings are planned for Thursday mornings.

Do you wish to join the CMR?

Please realize that all meetings are in Dutch. For questions contact