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At HKU, we constantly strive to provide the best possible education for our students.

Quality agreements

Money has become available from the savings made from introducing the new student loan system (replacing the basic grant system). This money has to be invested in the quality of our education. HKU has made quality agreements stating how these additional resources are to be spent in the period up to and including 2024.

Defining the quality agreements

Evaluations like the National Student Survey (NSE) and input from the council of representatives (CMR) and course committees (OCs) formed the basis for drawing up a number of proposals. During HKU Café sessions, these proposals were submitted to students and teaching staff. The input from these sessions led to the definition of the quality agreements for the 2019-2024 period.

HKU quality agreements

In the coming years, HKU will invest in the quality of:

Small-scale education
HKU is investing in additional teaching staff. This means we now have more lecturers available per student than before.

Student wellbeing
In 2019, we will investigate how we can enhance student wellbeing. Specific activities will be developed on the basis of the outcomes of this research.

Flexible education
In the coming years, students will be offered more opportunities to shape their own study path, be it within or outside HKU. For example, more scope will be created in the study programme for students to follow education / a minor outside their own course. To this end, supervision and administrative processes will be adapted to support flexible education.

Digital learning and working environment
We will create a digital learning and working environment that will better facilitate students in executing their studies. This will also improve the internal exchange of information about education-related matters. In 2019, we will investigate the wishes and possibilities regarding such a digital learning and working environment, so that we can actually put it into practice in the following years.

HKU will expand the capacity of the workshops. Workshop employees will be given more hours to provide instruction and supervision, among other things.

Cultural participation
We aim to stimulate and facilitate students to become active members of the cultural and creative sector of the Utrecht region. In 2019, we will therefore investigate the options for introducing an HKU Culture Pass, by making agreements with cultural institutions in the region.

Points of contact

The CMR plays a key role in this process. You can always contact a member of the CMR if you have any questions.

For specific questions, you can contact us through

Process and planning

month activity
Mid-October Two HKU Café sessions with CMR members, course committees and class representatives
November Discuss quality agreements with directors. Submission to the Executive Board and CMR for approval.
December HKU quality agreements laid down by the Executive Board
December Consent given by central council of representatives
June Visitation by NVAO

The quality agreements are set out in an appendix to the Academic Plan 2019-2024

Background of quality agreements

For more information about the quality agreements and how the student loan system resources are spent, see or open this short film.