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HKU has an extended wireless network which is accessible at all locations of HKU. Furthermore the network can be accessed by means of Eduroam.

Access to the Network

To access the wireless network of HKU you need to follow these steps:

1) select the network with the name "HKU".

2) fill in the password "draadloos"

3) Open the webbrowser on your device. You will be asked to fill in the HKU emailadress and the password.

4) After a few moments you are connected to network.

You only need to follow all these steps once for every device.

When you connect by means of UTP you'll also have to identify yourself as a student of HKU by providing your e-mail adress and password.

Access to Eduroam netwerk

Eduroam is an international network of educational institutions granting eachothers students access to their networks. HKU also offers this service to students from other institutions.

You only have to connect with your device to the eduroam network. You can login with the credentials of the university you come from, or the emailadress and password you got from HKU.