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What happens when the board of examiners concludes that your study progress doesn't meet the specified standard?

At the end of your first year, the board of examiners checks your study progress. In the event that your progress fails to meet the specified norm, the board issues a binding study recommendation (BSA). This page outlines your options.

Binding recommendation (BSA)

What's known as a BSA is a binding recommendation against the continuation of your study. All bachelor students must have obtained a standard of credits by the end of the first study year. Students who don't meet this standard are, in the opinion of the school, unsuitable and must leave the course. The binding recommendation is issued by the board of examiners.

Each program has set a clear standard to which students must adhere in their first year. This standard (laid down in the AER of your course) can be found in the survey on this page.

What are the consequences of the BSA?

To be issued a BSA, means that you must stop your course at HKU. HKU will terminate your enrolment.


A binding study recommondation doesn't happen all of a sudden: HKU has a procedure in place to ensure that a binding recommendation is issued with due care.

Every student will receive two messages with regard to their study progress through your HKU email-adress. The first one is sent at the end of the first semester, the second one at the end of the second semester.

 will be given the opportunity to explain your study progress to the board of examiners. Exceptional circumstances are only taken into account if these have been reported to a student counsellor in a timely manner.

Delayed studies (due to unforeseeable circumstances)

Bachelor students who, due to unforeseeable circumstances, are at risk of incurring a delay in their studies, should speak to a student counsellor. It is important to know your options and a student counsellor can inform you of these. In certain instances, can help you get a postponement of exams.

Want to check your personal study progress? Take a look in Osiris. Questions? Feel free to contact your tutor or a student counselor.


It is possible to file an appeal against the decision of the board. Download the information sheet for complete information.

Standard per school

The entire study programme per year comprises of 60 credits. For 2018-2019, the standard is as follows.

HKU Art and Economics (BAE)

55 credits of the propaedeutic phase

HKU Design (BDes)    
52 credits including the two assessments of Positioning & Development.

AD Connected Spaces: 52 credits including the module End Year Assessment.

HKU Fine Art (BFA, BFaDEd)    

52 credits including the two presentations ('werkschouw').

HKU Games and Interaction (BAT, BCMGT)           

52 credits including the module End Year Assessment.

HKU Media (BDes)   

All studies: 52 credits, including the two presentations / assess-ments. For IMT the modules Positioning and Personal Development in period 2 and 4 are additionally required.

AD Digital Media: 52 credits including the module End Year Assessment.

HKU Music and Technology (BMus,

52 credits of the propaedeutic phase

HKU Theatre (BThEd, BTh)

52 credits including the Vakfasetoets.

HKU Utrecht Conservatorium (BMus, BMusEd)

55 credits of the propaedeutic phase including the main subject and all modules that are completed in the 1st semester (BMus).

55 credits of the propaedeutic phase including the main subject modules and internships (BMusEd).