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HKU strives to offer students and staff a safe environment in which we treat each other with respect.

Confidential counsellor

The HKU confidential counsellors are there to support and advise students and staff who experience unacceptable behaviour. Confidential counsellors hold an independent position and have a duty of confidentiality.

You can go to a confidential counsellor to tell your story and discuss the next step to be taken. A confidential counsellor can also refer you to organisations that may be able to help, within HKU or elsewhere, and give advice and guidance in submitting a complaint to the HKU complaints committee. No contact will be made with third parties without your permission.

Complaints Committee

You can submit an official complaint to HKU Complaints Committee on Sexual harassment, Aggression and Violence. The committee will start an investigation, in which both parties are heard. The committee will then issues an advice to the Central Board. The Central Board will decide on sanctions or measures based on this advice. Complaints are dealt with confidentially.

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht
Complaints Committee on Sexual harassment, Aggression and Violence
attn. Audrey Zimmerman, Committee Secretary 
Postbus 1520
3500 BM Utrecht


Sexual Harassment

The term sexual harassment is defined by HKU as an unwelcome sexual approach, requests for sexual favours and other verbal, non-verbal or physical sexual behaviour that is perceived to be unwelcome.

Aggression and Violence

The terms aggression and violence are defined by HKU as situations in which a student or staff member are subjected to psychological or physical harassment or feel threatened or attacked in circumstances linked directly to their studies or work.

HKU Confidential Counsellors

Elsje Dicke


Wim Marseille


Sabine Huard