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HKU has one central office where students can file a complaint, objection or submit an appeal.

This office ensures that complaints, objections and appeals are forwarded to the correct person or board. You will be informed of this process when your complaint is received. The office subsequently monitors that your complaint is handled properly and timely.

General complaints

If you feel that something hasn’t been handled properly or you have another complaint, your first course of action is to discuss it with the person or those responsible for the organisational unit in question. Hopefully you can find a solution together. Should this not succeed, then you can file a complaint with this office. Depending on the nature of the complaint, it will be handled by the Director of the School, the person in charge or the Executive Board.

Disagree evaluation/ BSA?

You can file an appeal against a decision regarding your admission or pertaining to an assessment, evaluation, review, BSA or exemption. In this case your objection will be handled by the Examination Appeals Board. Make sure you file your appeal with the office within six weeks after the decision was taken.

Please find more information in the document 'Examination appeals' on our page

Unacceptable behaviour

When you're dealing with any type of unwelcome/unacceptable behaviour, such as sexual harassment, aggression, bullying or violence, you can contact the office directly. HKU has a complaints committee that investigates such complaints.

It is advisable to contact one of the confidential counselors before filing a complaint. They can guide you.

Disagree with another decision?

If you wish to lodge an objection against any other decision taken on behalf of HKU, your objection will be forwarded to the Dispute Advisory Board. In all cases it is important that your complaint is filed with the office within six weeks after the decision in question.

How to submit

You can file your appeal, or objection to the Executive Board Office of the HKU by e-mail: or by post:

HKU, Executive Board Office

PO Box 1520

3500 BM Utrecht

Make sure you always state your own information (name, address, student number, your course) and indicate clearly what it is that you do not agree with and why.

If you have any other complaints of need any advice, please contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs: or 030-2091540

Also if you have questions regarding the process, please contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs.

The complaints procedure is formally arranged in the Student Charter which can be found on

For contract students the Contract Student Charter applies, which can be found on