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The information on this page offers an indication of how much an exchange student will need per month to cover the costs of living. Please note that expenses can vary greatly based on personal choices.


Exchange students stay registered and continue to pay tuition and other student fees to their home institution. No fees are paid to HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. However you will have to buy all the necessary study materials yourself.

Costs of living and study

An exchange student will need a minimum of € 900 per month to cover the costs of living and studying, including study material. Please note that the amount for study costs depends on the course you are attending during your exchange period at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Average living expense are as follows:

Costs Euro's
Tuition Fee (Paid at the home institution)
Other study expenses € 100
Accommodation € 400 - 450
Living expenses € 350 - 400


We recommed that you purchase a bicycle (approx. €100 for a second-hand one) for local transportation. Read more on transportation.


Exchange students are obligated by Dutch law to carry insurance with sufficient coverage for medical costs in the Netherlands. Third party liability is highly recommended.

HKU University of the Arts can not accept any liability outside of school- and internship activities.

Read more on insurance for international students.