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The application procedure on this page applies to you if you need to renew your residence permit, change schools or change the purpose of your residence.

The application procedure on this page applies to you in case of:


If your residence permit expires and you are about start a new course at HKU or if you need more time to graduate from a course at HKU.

Change of Purpose

If you have a residence permit (with a purpose other than study) which will expire and start your study at HKU you will have to apply for a change of purpose of your residence card

Change of schools

If you have a valid residence permit for study at another educational institute and will start a course at HKU. 

Application VVR renewal / change

The application comprises the forms below. Please download, complete and sign the necessary documents. You can upload the completed documents  (including all attachments) via the upload tool before 1 August. The upload tool will be available as of 1 July.

Conditions VVR (pdf)

Antecedents declaration (pdf)

Complete and sign all documents with a black or blue pen!

Proof of Finances

You need to prove that you have sufficient finances to cover day-to-day living expenses and to pay your tuition fee 2019-2020. The required amount for living expenses for academic year 2019-2020 is set at € 895 x 12 months:
€ 10,740.

Total amount: €10,740 + tuition fee (check your 2019-2020 tuition fee)

You can prove this via one of the following options:
• with an official bank statement of your Dutch bank account
• an internet print out of your Dutch bank account*
• by transferring the total amount to HKU bank account**
• with a scholarship certificate.

* The print out must be dated in August and must include: date, your name, account number, balance of a current account. More information available about the print out ING or ABN AMRO.

** See transfer and reference information for more information. Make sure you pay for any additional charges the bank has for international transfer.

If the money is transferred from a bank account of a third person (such as family, friend or partner) we need to receive a declaration. The sponsor must declare the money is transferred on behalf of you and can be used for the payment of the tuition fee, the visa fee and your living expenses. The sponsor must also include a copy of his/her passport; the pages with the personal details and signature.

Declaration third person

Renewal fee

  • The fee for VVR renewal is €171 and €57 for Turkish students.
  • The fee for Change of purpose is €171.
  • No fee is charged if you change schools.

You can transfer the fee see the transfer details on this page. Or pay in cash or by ATM at HKU Service Desk Student Affairs, before 1 August.

Enrolment HKU

To enrol you need to complete your enrolment and your digital payment authorisation in Studielink.

Copy valid passport

Please make a colour copy of the pages with your personal details, picture, signature, the expiration date and all the pages with custom stamps on it.

Registration Dutch Address

Your Dutch address must be registered at your local city hall (BRP). You need to upload a proof of your BRP registration.

Health Insurance

You need to have health insurance which covers your medical costs in the Netherlands. You will need to upload your health insurance policy with the application.

New VVR card and biometric details

HKU will inform you by e-mail when the renewal of your VVR has been approved by the IND. All new residence cards will be printed with biometric details. The IND may need (new) fingerprints and a digital photo. You can provide these at the IND desk. HKU will inform you by e-mail when you can collect the card.

Transfer all funds to

Account information

Stichting Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Account number:

Iban code: NL70abna0218465998

Bic code: ABNANL2A


Daalsesingel 71, Utrecht

The Netherlands

Reference = your name, student number and 'for MVV/VVR'

Please note: you are responsible for all bank fees. Make sure you pay for any additional charges the bank has for international transfer.

Transfer these funds only via a reliable bank.