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Once you receive a VVR you must maintain it. It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and other relevant information.

Renewal of your VVR

You need to renew your residence card in case you:
•  need more time to graduate than the nominal study period

•  will start a new study after graduation at HKU

The residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your nominal study period, plus 3 months. Your residence card is valid until 1 December. For your enrolment as a student you will need to have a valid residence card for the whole academic year. You can not be registered when your residence permit is only valid for three months.

You will need to hand in the renewal application before 1 August.

Read more about the VVR renewal application.

Maintain your VVR

In order to maintain your residence card you must comply to the following conditions to keep your residence card for study:

  • stay registered as a student
  • have sufficient finances for your day-to-day living (proof of finances is required).
  • have sufficient finances to pay the tuition fee (proof of finances is required).
  • have a health insurance
  • maintain a legal Dutch address
  • obtain yearly at least 50% of the nominal study load.

Please read more.

Validity of the VVR visa

The residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your nominal study period - there is a 3 month leeway in case you need some extra time to graduate. Exchange students will receive a residence permit valid for the duration of their exchange period plus 3 months to round off their study.

Once you've graduated or your enrolment has been terminated, HKU will inform the IND your study period has ended. The IND will start a procedure to cancel your residence permit. You are expected to leave the country within 28 days after receiving the withdrawal letter of the IND.

Please note if you graduate and your residence card is only valid for 3 months or less after the date of un-enrolment your residence permit will not be withdrawn. In that case you are permitted to stay in the Netherlands until the expiration date on your residence card.

Handing in your residence card

Your residence document is the property of the Dutch government. You must, therefore, return your residence document before you leave the Netherlands. Please check the IND website how to return your VVR card.

Job seeking year

After you have obtained all your study credits in order to graduate, you can apply for a job seeking year.

Read more

Travel with VVR

With a valid Dutch residence card for study you can travel within the other Schengen countries for maximum of 90 days continuously. You always must take your valid passport and valid residence card with you if you travel outside of the Netherlands! Your residence card must be valid on the day that you re-enter the Netherlands.

Please note if you stay longer than 6 months outside the Netherlands during one year the IND will cancel your residence permit because your main residence has been changed. If you do an internship or other study activities in another country for more than 6 months HKU has to report this to IND. Please contact the Service Desk Student Affairs about this.

If you want to travel to a non-Schengen country you might need a visa for that country. You need to contact the embassy of that country in the Netherlands before your trip to inform whether you need to apply for a visa and how to apply for the visa at the embassy.

You can find the contact details of foreign embassies in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Replacement residence card

Please take care of your residence card. Replacement due to theft, loss, damage or change of personal details costs €132. For Turkish students the fee for replacement is €57.


HKU is your official contact in all matters to do with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND).

Individuals claiming to represent official organisations and asking you for (additional) money can be a sign of fraud. Be carefull and check with us.