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There are a few instances in which HKU can terminate your enrolment.

Payment default

It is HKU policy that enrolled students who have failed to pay (part of) the tuition fee will be unenrolled from their course at HKU. The procedure for this is as follows:

When the obliged (instalment of the) tuition fee cannot be debited from the given bank account or has not been transferred to the school’s account on time, you will be sent a reminder in the month following the due date. If after this reminder you still fail to meet your payment obligations, HKU will send you a final reminder, the so-called pre-collection letter. Any administrative costs involved for this letter will be passed on to you. If you haven’t paid within two months after the original payment was due, HKU will terminate your enrolment as of the second month following the date of the first reminder.

After your enrolment is terminated, you remain obliged to pay the tuition fee for the months you were enrolled as a student. No request for enrolment will be taken into consideration before you have fulfilled all prior outstanding payment obligations.


If you receive a binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies (BSA), your enrolment will be terminated by HKU. You can find more information on the binding recommendation on the page Delay & BSA.