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If you choose to stop your study at HKU you can terminate your enrolment via Studielink.

Unenrol in Studielink

You can send a request for termination of enrolment in Studielink. Log in, select your course and academic year in the menu Study programmes. Then select the button Terminate enrolment. Select a reason for unenrolment (graduation or termination of enrolment) and the preferred end date. You can't choose a date in the past.

Declaration of Unenrolment

Once your termination of enrolment has been processed, you will receive a Declaration of Unenrolment at your correspondence address. You may need this declaration if you apply for social security benefits.


If you terminate your enrolment during the academic year, you might be entitled to a partial refund of your tuition fees. Read more about reimbursement.

Official regulations

For further details regarding termination of enrolment, please consult the official regulations:

Dutch studiefinanciering

Your entitlement to studiefinanciering and student travel card ends on the day your enrolment is terminated. You must stop your studiefinanciering yourself via mijn DUO.

Student insurance

As soon as you have been unenrolled, you are formally no longer a student. Any student insurance policies you may have taken out, must be converted into normal insurance policies. And don't forget to change your student bank account!

BRP Registration

When you end your study and you leave The Netherlands, remember to cancel your registration in the BRP (Basis Registratie Persoonsgegevens) at the city hall of the city where you live.


You should return your residence card for study to the nearest IND front desk. For information regarding the validity of your VVR-card, please visit this page.