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In order to continue your study at HKU, you need to re-enrol in Studielink every year. Complete the following 2 steps to re-enrol.

No re-enrolment?

If you decide not to re-enrol for the next academic year, you need to register this in Studielink. Go to My To Do List and click the Re-enrolment button. Select the option No, I do not wish to re-enrol and confirm your choice. Please do this before 1 September.

Arrange your re-enrolment before 1 september

Your re-enrolment isn't final until HKU has received your re-enrolment request and digital payment authorisation via Studielink before September 1. You will receive a confirmation from HKU if you are officially enrolled.

Step 1 - Request for re-enrolment

Go to, click the Re-enrolment button, choose Yes, I want to re-enrol and confirm your choice. Please also check your mailing address and email address under Details in your Dashboard.

Step 2 - Arrange digital payment authorisation

Go in Studielink to My To Do List and click Enter payment details. You can only arrange a digital payment authorisation if you have a Dutch bank account or a bank account in another SEPA country. Please contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs if you can't arrange your digital payment authorisation.

Please check you payment details carefully, because once you confirmed your payment authorisation, you can not change it in Studielink anymore. Do you want to make changes after confirmation? Contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs.

HKU will collect the tuition fee around 25 September. Read more about digital payment authorisation.

Is someone else paying?

When you indicate in Studielink that someone else is paying, you will receive an email confirming this. You must forward that email to the person paying. The person paying needs a personal DigiD. This person must confirm the payment authorisation with his/her own DigiD.

Maintain your VVR

Your VVR is for the duration of your HKU course, however, you must comply with the requirements. Read more about VVR.

Official regulations

The official HKU enrolment regulations govern all matters regarding enrolment.

Proof of enrolment

After HKU Academic and Student Affairs has processed your enrolment you will receive a proof of enrolment at your mailing address. If you have not received anything by the end of September, please contact the HKU Service Desk Student Affairs immediately.


You can find answers to many frequently asked questions about the enrolment process at the FAQ. If you don't find the answer there, contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs.

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