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To be able to enrol you, HKU might need additional documents.

If HKU needs additional documents, you will receive an email with upload details. Please make sure you send the documents in time.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents may concern the following:

• Identification

If your identity has not been verified by the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP), please upload a copy of your passport or identity card. Make sure you upload both front and back of your identity card. Note: your identity document must be valid on 1 September of the year in which you start studying.

• Diploma prior education

If your prior education has not been verified by DUO, please upload a copy of your HAVO, VWO or MBO level 4 diploma or foreign equivalent together with a list of grades or a copy of your certificate of a university or university of applied sciences including a list of grades. If you have not yet obtained your certificate, please upload a recent version of your list of grades.

If you are going to follow the Master of Music course at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, you have to upload a Bachelor of Music or similar certificate.

• Language requirement

Students who have had their prior education outside The Netherlands or Flanders, must comply with the language requirement. Upload a proof of compliance to the language requirement.

HKU reserves the right to ask you for the original documents for the purpose of verification. Please make sure you have access to them.

Upload documents

If HKU needs additional documents, you will receive an email with upload details. In this email you find a link to the upload page and your login information.

You do not have to upload your documents all at once. Please upload all documents you already have, so we can start our verification process.

Please do not email your documents or send them by post to HKU. Wait for the message with upload details. Also check your spam folder regularly.

Education outside The Netherlands

If you have had your preliminary education outside The Netherlands your diploma will be validated to see if it meets the requirements of HKU.

Document languages

HKU only accepts documents in one of the following languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Afrikaan or French.


When your diploma is not in one of the languages above, you must have your documents translated by an official translator or the institution at which the certificate was achieved.

HKU needs both the copy of the diploma and the translation. Please upload both.

Residence permit

If you have a non-EEA nationality you can only be enrolled if you maintain legal residence in The Netherlands for the duration of your study. You must make sure that HKU has a copy of your valid residence permit (VVR).

You don't have a residence permit yet? Apply for a permit on time! For more information, visit our visa & permit page.


You can contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs if you have any questions. Send an email to or call at +31 (0)30 2091540.