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HKU students can access the library of Utrecht University. The collection includes publications on art, theatre, film and television studies, language and literature, musicology and arts policy and management.

HKU students (and staff) can use the Utrecht University library at no cost. A subscription is required however: to get one, you need to visit a library location and present your valid HKU ID card, another official identification and a (recent) proof of address.

A valid proof of address can be a bank statement, payslip, copy of telephone subscription, or other official document of a (government) institution. A recent document is preferably not more than 30 days old.


On the website of the University of Utrecht Library (UBU) you will find extensive information about

1. Literature search (with catalog)

2. Managing data and literature

3. Publishing information (eg copyright).

The website offers a clear overview of how to search author, title or subject in different materials. The library contains many scientific documents (theses, articles, reports, monographs, etc.). Almost all documents are available in full text and are freely available to consult.

The University Library City Centre (UBB) is focused on the humanities.


Drift 27, Utrecht
(030) 253 62 00 (Reception)

(030) 253 61 15 (Service desk)

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You can browse most of the Utrecht University library catalogue online. Due to copyright restrictions you can not download articles.

Visit Utrecht University online catalogue