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Opening hours Theatre library
Mon.: 12.00 -17.00
Tue: 12.00 -17.00

Wed.: closed

Thu: 9.00 - 11.30 and 12.00 -17.00
Fri.: 9.00 – 14.00

Janskerkhof collection: Theatre incl. Art Education

Since September 2017 the Lange Vie Theatre library is back at Janskerkhof 17/18.  The Janskerkhof collection includes theatre texts, a study collection, DVDs and trade journals. All Theatre final project papers are in the collection.


You'll find study workstations and computers connected to a colour printer. the computers are internet-connected, but you can also use the Wi-Fi network. Outside of opening hours there are computer classes in the library.

Collection locations

When searching the catalogue, you'll find there are three locations where a part of the collection is stored.

JKH-Theater-K19 (Library)

This library has the most up-to-date theatre physical collection: most theatre texts, all DVDs and a large portion of the study collection and theses.

JKH-Theater-Gangkast (1 day advance order)

Orderable via library loan: background collection theatre texts, novels, poems and children’s books and part of the study collection (but including everything in acting, theatre production and theatre design).

JKH-Theater-Depot-NK4.48 (1-3 days advance order)

1-3 day delivery via library loan: the remaining portion of the study collection. Incl. general subjects such as philosophy, art and art education, visual arts, theatre theory, theatre history, past (theatre) journal volumes, thesis archives.