HKU Studentportal
HKU Studentportal
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The HKU student portal is the place for all information about your study, such as schedules, modules and faciltities, as well as information from the Service Desk Student Affairs.

The HKU student portal offers you the following:
1. When you log in (with your HKU-mail address and password) you get a menu with short links to the information relevant to you. You do not have to search the entire portal.
2. You can easily view information from other programs and locations.
3. Information about your programme and the Service Desk Student Affairs on the same site.
4. The portal has many new features: from a section with news items especially for your course/year, to a bulletin board on which you can place notices HKU-wide. The portal also contains a job board, a calendar and a news section and it allows you to see the work of your fellow students extensively.

Login and logout

Most information on the student portal can be found quickest when you are logged in. Some information can only be accessed after you have logged in. Make sure you always log out when you are done, especially if you are working on an HKU computer. Otherwise your personal information is open to everyone!

Your feedback is valuable!

The studentportal has been realized based on input and feedback from a group of students. We hope that it meets your needs as closely as possible. The portal is a work in progress. We invite you to take a critical look and share your experience with us. Your feedback will allow us to continue to improve the portal.

Feel free to contact Daniel Beenen, administrator of the student portal