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Time Table

You can find the time table here:
Schoolname: HKU
Gebruiker (user):
Wachtwoord (password): your e-mail password.

For ‘klas’ select Mmus 1 or Mmus 2

Nextcloud Calendar

In the Music and Technology Nextcloud calendar we keep track of important dates like deadlines and events. You can subscribe to this calendar by copying and pasting the following link in your calendar client:

Booking a studio

You can book studio's in WebUntis.

Log in with your HKU-e-mail address and password.

There are 2 main ways to book a studio.

  1. Go to timetable > Room overview
    Select Room group - IB-studio totaal [apply]
    Select the studio you want to see the availability off and press next.This will give you a weekly calendar view which studio are available.You can now click on a time slot and fill in the number of timeslots you want the booking to last.In total you can make 4 bookings per two weeks.
  2. Book > Book room
    Fill in the date and time when you want to book the studio. Select IB-studio totaal in the Room group drop down. Press search. Now select the studio you want to book en press next. You now see an overview of the booking. Press save and you have booked the studio.The upside to this method is you can simultaniously a studio and a control booth.

Deleting a booking:Book > My bookings

Here you see an overview of your bookings per week (select the correct week in the calendar on the right). With the red you can cancel your booking.

AER regulations

The AER states all imortant rules and regulations about your course. An archive can be found here.

Mmus Assessment tools

Assessments are monitored in the online tool Meteor. Prior to a mid year assessment, end year assessment or final exam you are asked to upload your pdp, description of portfolio or written contextualisation in Meteor. View the manual.

Please upload your actual portfolio here (this tool can manage larger data files than Meteor).