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The Course Committee (CC) for HKU Fine Art represents all students and lecturers on the course.

What does a CC do?

The core business of a CC is to advise on all matters concerning education. The CC identifies problems and advises, but does not solve them. (The latter is the responsibility of the school director of Fine Art). An important focus is to establish the Academic and Examination regulations (AER) and the way they are implemented. Quality assurance is also an important subject. The outcomes of panel discussions and nationwide surveys, the National Student Survey (NSE) and HBO Art Monitor (alumni) are also discussed.

Both the CMR (Central Participation Council) and the CC are supported by a secretary and the members receive financial compensation.

Composition CC Fine art

The CC has four lecturer members and four student members.

Lecturers serve for a period of three years on the CC, student members for a period of one year. At the end of their term the members resign. They can be re-elected for another term. Elections are held at the start of the academic year.

National Student Survey (NSE) and EVAL

Want to know more?

Handboek OC HKU (pdf in Dutch)

Reglement OC HKU (pdf in Dutch)