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HKU encourages students to go abroad as part of their studies.

Where to start

First, check the options for studying abroad for your own course. Read the information about the different foreign programmes and practical issues on this site. Start by making a plan. There’s a lot you need to arrange between the initial idea and actual departure. Please bear in mind that you need a preparatory period of six to twelve months, especially if you want to undertake an exchange programme.


The Service Desk Student Affairs provides information and assistance in handling any practical issues you have to deal with. For course-specific advice, guidance and approval of your foreign stay abroad, please contact your course leader or tutor.


The options for a foreign programme may differ per school and per course. Select your school for more information.

Approval and registration

Prior to departure, your study period abroad must be approved by your department. In addition, you need to register your stay abroad in Osiris Student Buitenland.

Information meetings

The Service Desk Student Affairs and your school organise on-site meetings that provide general information about your foreign study period These sessions are usually held in the autumn period. You will be sent an invitation via your tutor.


At the Service Desk Student Affairs, Dorien Mouw and Charmaine van der Heijden are responsible for issues relating to studying abroad. You can contact them using +31-30-2349440 or