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Once you have obtained your credits, how and when do you get your degree? What's next? What are your visa considerations? On this page you will find information on this and more.

Credits obtained, what now?

Once all your credits are uploaded into OSIRIS, then

• You will be proposed for the next meeting of the Board of Examiners.

• The Examination assesses whether you have met all requirements and are entitled to your diploma.

• You will receive a message when you graduation is approved. This message will state your diploma date.

• You will then receive notification when your certificate is ready.


Boards of Examiners meet at fixed times to assess requirements. It is possible that it doesn't occur in the same month in which you finished your work. If you have any questions about when this will be questions, please contact the Service Desk Student Affairs.

Continuing your studies

When you get your bachelor degree the logical question is - what's next? Perhaps you wish to pursue a subject deeper. A HKU Master course can fulfil this need. The HKU offers an impressive list of Master courses, many of which are given in English.

Termination of enrolment

As a graduating bachelor or Master of Music student you can choose whether to terminate your enrolment or stay enrolled until the end of the study year. Read more about this on the unenrolment page.

Visa for study ends!

As soon as you graduate your VVR is no longer valid and you must leave the country within 28 day! The only alternative is to start another immigration procedure.

Looking for a job?

The nuffic site gives good information on working in Holland, the Dutch business culture and finding a job.

Since your visa/residence permit expires upon graduation, it is necessary to apply for a visa for a job seeking year. Read more about the job seeking year.

Student insurances

Once you have terminated your enrolment, you are formally no longer a student. This means that you must change any student insurances you may have into normal insurances.

In the case of the collective health insurance for HBO students (with Zilveren Kruis Achmea), you must inform them that you are no longer a student. The collective discount will then lapse.

Remember your student bank account or post office account as well!

Dutch student financing

When you terminate your enrolment, you must always stop your Dutch 'studiefinanciering' Yourself. You can do this online Your right to student loans and grants lapses on the date that you terminate enrolment. It is also possible to stop your financing prior to the date of unenrolment.

If you have a 'OV-studentenkaart' (Public Transport Student Pass), you must return it timely to avoid receiving a fine.

Your certificate abroad

If you wish to work or study abroad with your certificate, you can have it valued or legalised by DUO. You can find out how the procedure works and what it costs on their website: Click on International visitors and then on Diploma assessment.

To have your certificate translated, you can approach a (sworn) translator. You can find addresses in the telephone book and, of course, on the Internet. HKU cannot provide a translation of your certificate


Read more about the validation of our programmes.

Promote yourself!

Whether you plan to start working or continue your studies, it's never too early to start promoting yourself.

For example, via, an international website with events, jobs, etc. and an electronic information service distributing selected e-mail announcements, all related to contemporary visual arts.