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All changes in your study programme must be approved by the board of examiners.

This pertains to exemptions and the transfer of credits from a different study, course or from an exchange.


The Board of Examiners of your program evaluates your request and checks if the experience, courses or modules match sufficiently. The procedure is as follows.

Step 1

Please contact your tutor. Download the appropriate application form (exemption, replacement or acquisition of credits - read carefully which one you will need). Fill out the form with your tutor.

If you can demonstrate that you possess the skills and knowledge of a particular subject or module based on a previous study or work experience, you can apply for an exemption. You must do this before the start of the course.
Aanvraagformulier Vrijstelling (pdf)

This applies when you plan to follow one or more modules elsewhere - such as when you go abroad or engage in an alternative study activity. You must submit this request beforehand. Upon completion you must demonstrate that you have achieved the intended results.
Aanvraagformulier Vervanging (pdf)

Internal transfer
If you switch to a different pathway or specialization within HKU you need this form to have your credits transfered.
Aanvraagformulier Overname - afstudeerrichting (pdf)

Internal transfer - study delay
It is feasible that you incur such a large study delay that you need to be linked to a new pathway. This is initially signaled by the tutor. The Examination Board decides which modules you've already earned can be transferred to your new curriculum.
Aanvraagformulier Overname - studievertraging

Step 2

Attach the required evidence * and hand in the form and attachments to the clerk of the Board of Examiners of your course. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

You can contact us by e-mail. Your board of examiners also has a post box at your location.

* Transcript with module description, study progress overview, previously obtained results or other evidence available.

Step 3

The board of examiners evaluates the application. They might seek advice from your lecturer, course leader or school director. Within two to four weeks after receipt of the application the board will determine whether to grant the exemption based on the evidence and/or advice from the lecturer.

Step 4

You will receive written notification of the outcome. The board of examiners will describe the considerations on which the decision was based.

In the event of an internal transfer the board of examiners will determine for which courses you will receive an exemption. Sometimes you need to follow a number of additional subjects.


Any change in your exam programme must be confirmed by the board of examiners, This is described in the Regeling Wijziging Examenprogramma (pdf).