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The tutor at your course is your first point of contact for problems and questions relating to your course and your studies.

Tutors have a central position and are the link between you and the course management and the board of examiners. They also have information about internships, graduate courses and further courses.

You can also approach them if you are having problems, such as
• personal problems
• family circumstances are impeding the progress of your studies
• you need help with planning your study activities.

Each course has its own system of tutoring.

Fine Art

Fine Art

year 1 and 2 - Jolanda Schouten

year 3 and 4 - Marianne van Ham (Tractieweg)

Fine Art and Design in Education

Gemma Smeets


Fashion DesignStephanie Mariën

Product Design - Eva den Heijer

Spatial Design - Dorien Bruijns

Master Interior Architecture - Wies Harmeling

Games and Interaction


Graphic Design - Julian Wassenaar

Illustration - Elise Menick

Photography - Marjon Bakker

Audiovisual Media - Marieke Vriend (year 1 and 2) Ingrid Goovaerts en Mik Witte (year 3 and 4)

Animation (and CAV) - Ingrid Goovaerts

Image and Media Technology (DVD and DMD) - Mik Witte

Art and Economics

Year 1

Petra Conrad / Olga Henny / Yvon Kassies / Marijke Faber

Elze Struijk  / Felice van Leeuwen / Petra Befort

Year 2-4

Music Management - (year 2) Elze Struijk, (year 3) Yvon Kassies, (year 4) Marieke Snijders

Theatre Management - Felice van Leeuwen

Event Management - (year 2) Felice van Leeuwen, (year 3 en 4) Aziza Horsham

Visual Art and Design Management - Petra Conrad

Arts and Media Management - Olga Henny

Long-term students - Yvon Kassies

Master Kunsteducatie - Nicoline Mulder

Music and Technology

year 1 - Elsje Dicke

year 2 - Marloes Hendriks

year 3 - Elsje Dicke

year 4 - Claudia van den Hoeven

Master of Music

Claudia van den Hoeven



Sabine Dehne

Writing for performance

year 1 - Jelmer Soes

year 2 - Inge Raadschelders

year 3 - Anouk Saleming

year 4 - Marielle van Sauers

Theatre and Education

Christel van Romunde

Theatre Design 

Goeleke Naaijkens

Interactive Perfomance Design

year 1 and 2 - Goeleke Naaijkens

year 3 and 4 - Hans Klein Schiphorst   

tutors Utrechts Conservatorium

Jazz & Pop - BMus and MMus

Marloes Hendriks

Classical Music (except Voice), Carillon, Composition, Church Music, Early Music, Musician 3.0 - BMus and MMus

Marijke Arnold

Bachelor of Music in Education, Classical Voice - BMus and MMus

Mathijs van der Heide