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Before you come to the Netherlands, it is important to make sure that you have made arrangements to be properly insured for medical costs. Please read the information and review the options we have provided on health insurance.

Which health insurance do I need?

There are three different types of cover: Dutch public healthcare insurance, an EU Health Insurance Card or a private insurance. If you answer the questions in the Insurance Checklist, you will find out which option applies to you.

This checklist allows you to determine whether you are properly insured while studying in the Netherlands. You will need adequate insurance cover to safeguard against high costs resulting from an accident or illness. This will ensure that unexpected problems do not lead to major financial risks.

More information on the Study in Holland website.

Option 1 - Health insurance home country

If your stay in the Netherlands is temporary (less than 1 year) it is possible that your health insurance at home provide you with coverage in the Netherlands. Please check if your insurance company can provide you with an international declaration in English.

Are you an EU national? Check if your insurance company can provide you with e with an European Health Insurance Card. Make sure to bring this with you to the Netherlands. You will need it when you see a doctor in the Netherlands.

Please use the insurance checker on this page to see if your insurance gives enough coverage.

Option 2 - International Students Insurance

If you are not covered by your own healthcare insurance while in the Netherlands, you will have to take out another healthcare insurance. There are special policies available for international students in the Netherlands. The Nuffic recommends the following two companies. Meeus: and AON: These policies fulfill all IND requirements.

If you already have a medical condition, please note these are generally not covered by insurances companies offering health insurance packages for international students.

You will need to have a Dutch address of your own to apply for this insurances. Please make sure you have a travel insurance to cover the first period of your stay in the Netherlands.

Option 3 - Dutch public healthcare insurance

In case you have a part-time job or a paid internship, you need to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance. Also when you get married, get childeren or buy a house your status in the Netherlands changes from student (temporary) to permanent. In these cases you have to take the Dutch health care insurance.

There is a discount for students with Zilverenkruis Achmea. To get the discount rate you will have to use a special number for HBO students: 207000892. For more information:

The Dutch public healthcare insurance can be rather expensive, but people below a certain income level can receive a financial contribution towards their costs through the Healthcare Allowance (zorgtoeslag).

Applying for a VVR?

Please note that for a VVR visa for study the IND requires that you have extensive insurance coverage, which even covers admission to a mental hospital or sanatorium.

Language insurance documents

Whichever type of insurance you have, make sure that the insurance documents are written in one of the common European languages (English, French, German).

Health Care Allowance

You may be eligible to get healthcare allowance if you participate in the Dutch public healthcare insurance scheme (zorgverzekering). If you are insured via an independent policy with an insurer such as AON or Meeus) you will not be eligible for this allowance.

How to apply

You can apply for the health care allowance each year until September 1st.  Application forms can be acquired at your Dutch local Tax Office or by dialing 0800 - 0543 (toll free). Keep your social security number (BSN number) at hand. It is alo possible to apply on-line

Regrettably, the application procedure is only in Dutch You will need to hand in this Dutch form (filled out in Dutch). To help you fill out this form the Nuffic offers manual.

Other recommended insurances

HKU covers all its students for damages caused during school activities. For more information on this policy read HKU insurance.

Entrepeneur and healthcare insurance

A registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as an entrepeneur does not automatically mean that you need to have the Dutch basic health insurance.

It is important to contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to request for 'an investigation of your insurance situation under the Wlz scheme’. They will investigate if you need a basic health insurance based on your personal situation. This depends on the purpose of stay, the duration of your stay, your income as an entrepeneur and other facts.

You can use the SVB application form. Or if you have a Dutch DigiD code (digital signature), you can do it online via the SVB website.