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Studielink is our on-line registration and enrolment system for enrolment and payment of your tuition fee.

Login with DigID

To log in to Studielink you will need a Digital ID code (DigiD).

Apply for DigiD

If you don't have a DigiD, you need to apply for it via Make sure that you have your Citizen Service Number (BSN) at hand. The website of DigiD is in Dutch.For English instructions, see

It takes about 5 working days so make sure you apply well in advance!

Important details
• You choose your own DigiD username. Please keep this safely. If you forget your username, DigiD can not provide it to you later on.

• You will receive the activation code from DigiD by post at the address known in the administration of the city hall (GBA). So make sure you are registered with your current address in the city hall.

Access Studielink with DigiD

Once you have activated your DigiD, it is time to link it to your Studielink account. Here you select log in with DigiD. Studielink will ask you if you already have a Studielink account. Choose 'yes' and enter your old username and password. From now on you can only log in to Studielink with your DigiD code.

(All students eligible for a DigiD, with an official residence in the Netherlands, are required to use it for Studielink. DigiD is also the most secure method.)

Change of e-mail, address or telephone number

You also register a change of address, e-mail address or (mobile) telephone number via It is your duty to keep the school informed of any change in your personal information, which is relevant to your registration.

Address change
You must also update your address at the City Hall. To register your new address you must bring your new contract and passport to the city hall. Failure to do this could have serious consequences for your enrollment. City Hall registration is requirement for VVR students.


For general questions about Studielink look on Studielink Q&A. If you don't find the answer there, contact the Service Desk Student Affairs.